By Tonya From California



So I went to my usual piercer. A clean, certified, cheap shop. This would be my 4th piercing with this shop. I was already used to the routine, but I still got my pre-piercing jitters! I filled out my paperwork, paid and waited in the lobby before my piercer called me back.

I took a seat up on that big black chair and got ready. I could feel my insides tingling, shaking a bit but a big smile on my face. “Its no worries, this is the fastest piercing we do.” He put the little marking dot on my nose and handed me a mirror to check it out. With a A-Ok he put the piercing tube into my nose [keeps the needle from piercing more than it should], and with a ‘pop!’ It was over. My eye watered up abit, a little bit of bleeding but it was nothing!  The nose ring is by far the easiest piercing you can get.