By: Mallory From: California



Im not really a big body piercing person, I have more tattoos than anything. The only body piercings I have besides my ear lobes is my nose. I got my nose pierced when I was 16 my mom actually took me, she wasnt the type of parent against piercings or tattoos. I got my first tattoo when I was 16 as well. This story is actually about my hip dermals. So about 6 months ago my sister and I got some tribal tattoos done on our midsection. I really love tattoos and I wanted to add something extra to it. My sister suggested surface barbell piercings, but after doing some research we quickly changed our minds on that. Apparently those surface barbell piercings do not last very long, they eventually reject, or grow out…. ewww gross. Throughout my research I found dermal anchors and skin divers, I decided to go with the dermal because they are less likely to grow out.  One Tuesday night after work my sister and I went down to the tattoo shop they were running a summer special, all piercings were $45 and dermals were $55. This was a great deal! I filled out all of the necessary paper work to get my piercing done and I was finally ready to get pierced. I had to lay down on the tattoo table because it was going to be on my hip , my heart was pounding I didnt know what to expect. My piercer explained that he will be doing it with  a dermal punch and I was going to feel a slight pinch. It was a whole lot more than a slight pinch buuuut I survived. The piercing was quite painful but it was all worth it, the dermals look awesome with my tattoo.