By Alexa From:Miami, FL




My name is Alexa and this is my piercing story. My body piercings and tattooing started when I was very young. When I was 14 years old my mom let me get my second hole in my ear. When I was 16 for my birthday I was able to get my helix pierced. My older sister was dating a tattoo artist at the time so she was getting tatted like crazy. When I was 17 I begged my sister to let me get a tattoo, I know I couldnt ask my mom to do it so she agreed. While I was in the tattoo shop some of the other artists had their ears stretched and I thought it was so cool. I told myself that I was going to start stretching my ears. I was only 17 I was still in high school with no job so I had to use my own resources the first thing I did to stretch was go to the fabric store, I got an extra large sewing needle it had to be like a 14 gauge and I put that through my existing ear lobe piercing. It wasnt painful at all. When my sister found out how I stretched my ear for the first time she nearly freaked so she had her boyfriend bring me tapers from his shop so that I could slowly stretch my ears and properly. I am now 21 and I am currently at a 00 gauge I want to see how big I can go, so my body modification journey is not complete yet.