By: Tara From: Nebraska



My story is not the perfect piercing story its actually about a piercing gone wrong, terribly wrong. Here it goes… So I wanted to get a lip piercings and since most of my friends were getting snake bites I wanted to do something different. So I did my research on facial piercings and came across the medusa and the vertical labret. I decided on the vertical labret and it was then time to narrow down piercings studios I had two in mind but the night I wanted to get it done neither of them had availability and I really wanted it before I left town so my sister and I went to a local tattoo shop and figured they should be able to do it. I got to the shop sat in the back with the piercer and he seemed pretty nervous like he hadn’t done much piercing but long story short he pierced it. When I initially saw it, it looked crooked but he said that once the bleeding stops and it fully heals it will look straight so I went with it. After 3 weeks and my piercing was pretty much healed it was still leaning to the left. I understand this is a hard piercing to do but it was really off. So instead of changing the jewelry I took it out completely to let it heal. I went to the piercing studio that I originally wanted to go to 3 months later and got it re pierced and its PERFECT! I love my vertical labret now that its straight.